ESA Internships

ESA’s Internship Programme assists young people within its Member States interested in space and related areas. It helps them to meet their university requirements to carry out an internship as part of their degree course, and promotes their academic and professional development by placing them under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Numerous applications are received each year for this very popular programme, however ESA only has a limited number of internships available across the establishments. To be considered students should have the following backgrounds:

  • University students preferably in the last two years of studies in the fields of mathematics, engineering, physics, science and information technology, but also in law, finance, etc…
  • Students from technical institutions granting professional diplomas (for example the DUT or BTS from France, the Fachhochschule or Gesamthochschule from Germany or Ingeniero Tecnico from Spain)

Internships are available in a wide variety of disciplines and can be divided into:

space science, astronomy, mechanical and electrical engineering, telecommunications, Earth observation, aerospace engineering, navigation, microgravity research, spacecraft in orbit exploitation, tracking of satellites, processing and distribution of data from remote sensing satellites, information technology, etc.

legal, contract law, international affairs, communications/public relations, finance, human resources, etc.


  • Internships last from three to six months, preference being given to longer internships. In exceptional cases it may be possible to grant an internship of up to nine months in order to meet the specific requirements of an educational institution.
  • Students are normally given one internship during their studies, however this can be split into two parts provided that the total duration does not exceed six months.
  • Internships are unpaid, however a daily allowance may be granted of €20 for non-residents and €10 for residents. A non-resident is defined as someone living more than 50 km from the establishment.
  • Interns have to provide their own health insurance, accident insurance and travel expenses.
  • Interns are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

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