Internship in Taiwan

We are „Europe Center ”, which is located in a large city Kaohsiung, in the Southern Taiwan. Our range of business is various, namely teaching of European languages with a further study at a European university, translation, tourism, consulting the Taiwanese and Chinese companies regarding the business possibilities in Europe, import and export between Taiwan, China and European countries. The latter refers in particular to the export of the solar panels (Photovoltaic) to Europe.

For this purpose, we are looking for the students, who would like to complete an internship (short or long-term) in Taiwan. The students would accomplish a market study on the situation of solar energy (e.g. types, subsidies, requirements) in the German-speaking countries. The further participation in doing this business in Europe as representative of our enterprise would be possible.

In our company, some students from Spain, Holland already work on this project. Such market study could be accomplished also as thesis (diploma). Similarly to the Spanish trainees, the further trainees are dependent on own financing funds and/or scholarship. The living costs in Taiwan amount to approx. 250 Euros per month.

If you are interested, please send your application to: