Are you Swedish? offers internship

Are you Swedish?

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Are you Swedish? offers internship
Are you Swedish? is a young and hip sales and PR agency, based in Amsterdam. It focuses on high end, cutting edge Swedish (fashion) brands and introducing these brands into the Benelux market. These brands are: Dagmar, Camilla Norrback, Erica Laurell, Gram, David & Martin and The Swedish Model.

Please look up for more company info, press and collections.

Although small, Are you Swedish? has already made a great impact on the Benelux fashion market and has big ambitions and plans. Because Are you Swedish? is getting more and more successful in the Benelux, it now looks for a fashion-loving, enthusiastic Swedish intern for a part-time or full time internship.

What is Are you Swedish? looking for?
A Swedish intern that
* Is passionate about Swedish fashion and design and is able to get that enthusiasm across to potential buyers stylists, journalists etc.
* Is studying marketing, sales, finances or design
* Speaks English well
* Is looking for an inspiring company to learn how a fashion design agency works in all its aspects and help bring Are you Swedish? to a higher level
* Preferably has a drivers licence and drivers experience
* Can start – preferably – end july or beginning of august 2009.

What has Are you Swedish? got to offer?
* A great work environment in a nice office, in one of the hippest areas in Amsterdam
* An opportunity to see and build a cutting edge fashion company on all levels (sales and PR)
* An opportunity to combine the passion for Sweden and its top fashion designers with helping to get these brands to the top in Benelux

* An opportunity to work closely with the Swedish designers, Dutch high end shops, stylists and journalists
* An opportunity to express and execute new ideas, strategies
and goals, that will be seriously listened to and will be acted upon
* An opportunity to make an impact on the position of Are you Swedish? in the Benelux
* Internship for 2 – 6 six months

Do you fit this profile or do you know someone who does?

Please send a letter or e-mail with a:

* detailed motivation
* CV
* picture
* references

Are you Swedish?
Stavangerweg 890/17
1013 AX Amsterdam
tel.: + 31 6 52573743